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Interstellar Art Collection: A Journey Through Time and Space

I am thrilled to introduce my Interstellar Collection of paintings, crafted with mixed media on canvas. Through this artwork, I aim to express the ethereal's beauty and harmony into the canvas. In an age marked by profound disconnection and a constant search for external validation, my paintings, inspired by a deep love for meditation, serve as a reminder that all the love and answers we seek are within us in our inner divine landscape and in nature.

The Vision Behind the Collection

Each piece in the Interstellar collection is designed to remind viewers of their inherent beauty, their divine essence, and silently quantum heal parts of their soul and heart, evoking a sense of oneness. 

Through my paintings, I hope to awaken an awareness of the eternal connection we share with each other, with Mother Earth, and with the vast expansiveness of the Universe. We are more alike than we are different, and this collection seeks to celebrate that unity through its layers of colors, textures and depth.

The Creative Process

Every stroke of my brush is guided through meditation, as I journey, downloading coded messages and visions in the form of colors. These colors carry a vibration, a frequency that resonates with the invisible thread of life. I believe that one day, this mantle of threaded colors will be universally understood. I see it like a shower of Aurora Borealis, which takes you to your higher self. 

Creating this collection was a deeply spiritual experience. Makes me think at times, that the complexity and depth of contemporary art cannot be fully grasped if the spiritual element is ignored or downplayed. My paintings are infused with this spiritual essence, aiming to connect with the viewer on a profound level.


While painting, I envisioned how the fabric of time—past, present, and future—connects us all. It illustrates the idea that time is not linear but a complex web that links every moment and every being in different dimensions.  My art aims to capture this intricate connectivity, reflecting the interwoven nature of our existence.

Art has the unique universal ability to touch the soul and inspire change. This collection is more than just a series of paintings; it is a journey into a window to the heart of existence. It seeks to heal, to unify, and to remind us of the boundless love and connection that lie within and around us.

I invite you to explore the Interstellar collection and experience the vibrations and frequencies that each piece carries. Let these paintings serve as a reminder of your own beauty and the profound connections that bind us all. In a world that often feels fragmented, may this collection bring a sense of harmony and wholeness. Let it transport you to your sacred landscape.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic and spiritual journey. Together, we can awaken to the eternal connection we share with the Universe and with each other.


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