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Artist #OneMindLab

Titled 1 of Miami's "Icon & Innovator" by Luxe Magazine, Dec 2023
Named Top 10 "Influential Women of Design” by Luxe Magazine, May 2023

Lara Gallardo, is a multidisciplinarian artist who hails from the vibrant city of San Juan, Puerto Rico and has made her creative home in Miami, Florida since 2008. Armed with a BBA in Design Marketing and a Minor in Visual Arts from New York's Parsons School of Design (1999), Gallardo seamlessly melds classical artistry with a contemporary vision. Her artistic journey is a captivating dance through diverse inspirations, culminating in pieces that transcend the confines of time and space. Her innate sense of color, composition, and boundless creative exploration imbue each creation with a singular core.


For Gallardo, art embodies the divine essence of the present moment, captured in each stroke of her brush on canvas. Expressing her visions and messages across a myriad of materials; her preferred medium being acrylic. Drawing from a life steeped in art, enriched by continued studies, travels, nature, multicultural encounters, and the influence of artistic luminaries like Matisse, Frida, Helen Frankenthaler, and Frank Stella, her work showcases the culmination of years spent navigating the realms of art, design, spirituality, music, and fashion.


Presently, her focus lies in a monumental endeavor—researching and crafting an expansive series of 30 large-scale paintings. This collection serves as a poignant call for awareness and reflection, shedding light on the Everglades and humanity's imperative role in safeguarding our planet. Each canvas encapsulates the micro and macro elements of the environment, from the intricacies of terrain cracks and landscape textures to the grandeur of water bodies and the interplay of light within this intricate ecosystem and how it reflects our own human ecosystem.


Gallardo's artistic tapestry isn't confined to the canvas alone; her dynamic journey encompasses a successful and published career that started in the early 2000’s as a fashion designer. Her designs have graced the shelves of esteemed stores across continents, embraced by major retailers like Anthropologie, Bloomingdales, Henry Bendel, Peninsula Beverly Hills, and others, all under the banner of her fashion label, Laradiva. Celebrities from Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Kim Cattrall have sported her refined and unique designs and her creations have been featured in numerous media outlets like Vogue, E! News, The Style Network, InStyle Magazine, US Weekly, and WWD.


Beyond her prowess in fashion, Gallardo's ventures have extended into acting at a young age for major TV commercials, entrepreneurship, graphic design, public relations, and home interior styling showcasing her multidimensional talents. She also carries the mantle of an Energetic Medicine Woman, traversing the realms of spirituality and healing. With a life narrative interwoven with threads of creativity, entrepreneurship, and spiritual exploration, Gallardo embodies a rare fusion of artistic evolution, business acumen and holistic expression.

Art at Homes One Mind Lab

One Mind Lab is the creative art laboratory atelier of Lara Gallardo, an accomplished Miami based multidisciplinary visual artist and successful jewelry designer, with over 25 years of experience creating beauty. Lara’s creative exploration is unparalleled, with striking distinctive executions, characterized by her use of rich colors that are offset with textures and bold compositions.  Blending modern sensibility with classical art technique, each design exudes warmth and expression; the intuitive approach to form, composition, and vast inspirations of work have attracted an international following. 

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